Special Empa terms and conditions regarding the security of personal data submitted and the protection of privacy

With regard to its data processing procedures, Empa places great importance on the correct handling of personal data you may have submitted and the protection of your privacy.
Empa pledges to handle your details confidentially in accordance with currently valid Swiss data protection legislation and not to pass such information on to any unauthorised third parties. In order to prevent misuse of your personal data, Empa uses highly secure technical standards and appropriate procedures.

1. Collection, processing and use of your personal data
Empa only collects and uses the absolute minimum required in terms of personal data. Empa uses the personal data submitted by you in order to enable requested exchanges of information or for other specific contact purposes. For example, Empa may inform you about Empa services, or ask you about these if appropriate. Furthermore Empa is analyzing the use of EmpaNewsletter (clicks on links, remaining time on a page etc.) Your personal data may be used unless retracted by you in accordance with clause 4 below.
Empa points out in this regard that its staff are obliged to exercise discretion and confidentiality when handling personal data.

2. Data acquisition
Visits to the Empa website are generally anonymous in nature. In order to tailor and continually improve the content of the web pages resp. of the Newsletter to the needs and preferences of Empa customers, Empa may collect anonymised statistical data when required. Examples of such data are the previous site from which the visitor came, details of the computer and browser used, clicking on links, duration of remaining on a page, the specific Empa web pages visited and also the time of day and other access data. IP addresses are saved only if and for as long as they are required for technical reasons. Empa may evaluate access data relating to your visit using tools from third party providers (e.g. Google Analytics). For the disclaimer click here. Any data saved is used exclusively for internal purposes and is not passed on to third parties.

3. Links to websites administered by external third parties
In order to provide a good range of information for you, Empa creates links on its web pages that access websites provided by third parties. Where it is not obvious, Empa indicates that a link accesses content provided by an external third party. The guarantees provided in the Empa data privacy policy do not apply to the use of websites provided by these providers. Empa explicitly states that it has no influence on the content and design of websites provided by third parties. The general or special terms and conditions of use of the respective providers usually apply on such third party websites. Empa hereby disclaims any liability with regard to the content or design of such third party websites as well as with regard to the acquisition of data from such sites by third parties.

4. Rights of users
Empa pledges to have a transparent policy regarding personal data stored about you. As a user, you have the right to request the deletion, blocking or correction/amendment of any data about you.
If you wish to avail yourself of such rights, or if you have any other questions or suggestions regarding the security and protection of your data, please contact us via: or

5. Validity / updating

These special Empa terms and conditions regarding the security of personal data submitted and the protection of privacy remain valid until revoked.
Any amendments will be publicised here. Empa reserves the right to amend or delete all or part of these special conditions at any time and without providing prior notice.